I'm Heidi Min and I believe that being a Graphic Designer is not only about great design but being a creative problem solver.

I enjoy the whole process of design from concepting to production. I'm a leader at heart but I also thrive on collaborations. Inspiration is boundless and I love when my curiosity takes me to new heights.

At the end of the day, I just want to create work that inspires others and is smart and impactful. 


What's that? You want to know random facts about me? Sure!

I take after my dad and love antiques.

I'm a latte girl β€”
not cool enough
to drink my
coffee black.

I don't discriminate against any tarts
and pies.

I like running and playing football.

Cooper makes
me happy.


The sound of rim shots always get
my head bobbing.

I enjoy traveling
and dabbling in photography.

I have a slight obsession
with shoes,
sauces, and
paper promos.

Client List

AAA, Brandman University, Butler & Viadro, California Bank & Trust, Corinthian Colleges, El Segundo Middle School, Everest College, Grander Financial, Heald College, HealthCare Partners, Pelegrin Research Group, SCAN Health Plan, Wells Fargo, Willett Financial Services, WISEPlace, WyoTech.


ResumΓ© available upon request.