I'm Heidi Min and I believe that being a Graphic Designer is not only about great design but being a creative problem solver.

I enjoy the whole process of design from concepting to production. I'm a leader at heart but I also thrive on collaborations. Inspiration is boundless and I love when my curiosity takes me to new heights.

At the end of the day, I just want to create work that inspires others and is smart and impactful. 


What's that? You want to know random facts about me? Sure!

I take after my dad and love antiques.

I'm a latte girl —
not cool enough
to drink my
coffee black.

I don't discriminate against any tarts
and pies.

I like running and playing football.

Cooper makes
me happy.


The sound of rim shots always get
my head bobbing.

I enjoy traveling
and dabbling in photography.

I have a slight obsession
with shoes,
sauces, and
paper promos.

Client List

AAA, Brandman University, Butler & Viadro, California Bank & Trust, Corinthian Colleges, El Segundo Middle School, Everest College, Grander Financial, Heald College, HealthCare Partners, Pelegrin Research Group, SCAN Health Plan, Wells Fargo, Willett Financial Services, WISEPlace, WyoTech.

Resumé available upon request.